How it works

The method is based on a lateral photo promptly conditioned to a monochrome silhouette with the execution of shape analysis. The results are derived from real, objective measurements accompanied by references and standards.

The FYO system uses a lateral profile photo to calculate body composition. The quality of the photo plays an important role. Quality in terms of correct illumination, distance and inclination of the smartphone, and finally the correct posture.

The background doesn’t matter. The original human image is automatically and immediately detected and extracted to be transformed into a black and white profile.

In order to obtain an optimal and correct count of the black and white pixels, the image must be as free as possible from the position and net profile artifacts.

The FYO app has a control system that controls camera tilt and distance. The picture can only be completed if the camera position and tilt are correct.

Body composition results out of one single shot

  • Fat weight and percent of body weight (FM Kg-lbs and %FM)

  • Fat-Free Mass weight and percent of body weight (FFM kg- lbs and % FFM)

  • Total Body Water and percent of body weight (TBW liters and % ) Note: this value is extrapolated from FFM, assuming a steady 73% hydration rate.

  • Abdominal fat mass (ABD_FAT kg-lbs)

  • Basal metabolic rate and total energy expenditure (BMR and TEE in Kcal, including six levels of physical activity expenditure)

  • Waist circumferences to Height (HW) ratio.

  • Diameters of the chest, belly, hip, thigh, and calf (selectable Metric or Imperial units)

The extrapolated information is offered with a variety of solutions, such as:

  • Side-by-side silhouette

  • Parallel profile overlaps and comparison

  • Total body or regional elliptical boundaries

  • Roundness index

  • Body Surface

  • Diameter of fundamental body sections for identification and prognosis (Total Body and Abdominal Fat)

The management program for the doctor, trainer, or dietitian

  • Well-organized and clear management software to sort all data

  • Bar and pie charts showing results and reference values

  • Free drag tool to measure any diameter of the body

  • BMR derived Energy Level Expenditure (TEE) on each tested subject

  • Data and silhouettes comparisons, to visualize changes over time

  • Glossary explaining each Body Composition item

  • Gender and age-specific reference values in percent and index

  • Clear reports and glossary printouts for end-user in a PDF format

  • Real-time credit is always indexed

Correct Posture - Position - Distance and Tilt of the smartphone for adequate shots to obtain top-grade results