Antonio Talluri, the visionary behind Pixelcando, brings his extensive bioengineering expertise, honed over three decades at Akern Srl, into the realm of digital health.
His pioneering work in biomedical devices and body composition analysis has transitioned into leveraging artificial intelligence for groundbreaking anthropometric measurement techniques.

As founder and managing director, Talluri’s commitment extends beyond innovation to include rigorous scientific validation, ensuring that Pixelcando’s solutions are both revolutionary and anchored in solid research. His collaboration with major global entities underscores a legacy of impactful technological advancements in healthcare.


Paolo Cecchetti holds the position of CTO at Pixelcando, focusing on areas such as software architecture, adept problem-solving, and the management of technical projects.
He has significantly contributed to the development of FitYourOutfit®, a platform designed for the analysis of body composition through the use of advanced imaging techniques and artificial intelligence.

Paolo is deeply involved in the design and implementation of scalable and efficient systems, taking projects from their initial conception through to full deployment, aligning technical solutions closely with market demands, ensuring that Pixelcando’s products are not only innovative but also tailored to meet the specific needs of users. 


Henry C. Lukaski, a distinguished adjunct professor and retired assistant director at the USDA-ARS Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Centre, has made pivotal contributions to micronutrient research and body composition methodologies, such as bioelectrical impedance.
His extensive work, recognized through numerous awards, spans advisory roles in international scientific organizations, editorial board memberships, and a prolific publication record, significantly advancing the fields of kinesiology and public health education. His dedication to scientific inquiry and mentorship has left an indelible mark on the academic and research community.


Renato Violin, a professor and Python developer, excels in Machine Learning and Deep Learning across NLP, Reinforcement Learning, and Computer Vision.
His expertise in Python, TensorFlow, and PyTorch underpins innovative projects like chatbots, plagiarism detection, and text similarity systems, enhancing educational technologies.
At Pixcelcando SL, he leads in developing computer vision applications, showcasing his deep ML skills in practical, impactful applications. His work in AWS architecture further illustrates his comprehensive approach to leveraging cloud services for scalable ML solutions.